About Us

Wisdom of the Wounded was founded on the belief that we can help each other through the difficulties in life by sharing our stories and experiences. As Founder Karen Mulder says, “Those who have actually been in a crisis offer the best advice on how to help others get through a similar situation.”

Everyone knows someone who is going through a difficult time in life—a divorce, a death, a child in trouble. Here, you’ll find many valuable resources to help you become a more compassionate and caring friend to those in need. Karen’s weekly radio show, her book and the wisdom section on this site are all based on the experiences of others who have been through similar situations.

If you’ve been through a difficult period yourself, please share your story with Karen: What helped you the most during that time? Then feel the immense satisfaction that comes from helping others!

Blessed to be a Blessing



Karen Mulder is a woman of strong faith. The journey that led to her radio show, book and seminars began when she was teaching adult bible study classes. “I found that I had a gift for teaching, and I … Continue reading